Islam 360 Free Download For PC Laptop Windows 7 10

Islam 360 Free Download For PC Laptop Windows 7 10

Islam 360 Free Download For PC Laptop Windows 7 10 is one of the best Quran o Hadith data base software application which is available for various platforms initially it was developed for Mobile Smart Phone device like Android and Apple IOS platform now it is also available for Windows based desktop PC and laptop computer.

Islam 360 Free Download For PC Laptop Windows 7 10

User can Search Any Quran Surah and Ayats,

islam 360 is complete package of islamic related Data specially Quran and Hadith Books Islam 360 has all 114 Quran Surah and 30 Parah and all books of hadith such as Sahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, JamiaTirmazi, Sunan Abu Dawood, Nisai, Sunnan Ibn e Maja, Silsila Tu Sahia, Musnad Ahmed, Mishkat Sharif.

All Data is available in Arabic, Urdu and English translations. You acn Read Quran o hadith in these languages and you can listen Quran o Hadith in audio as well in all Qari such as Mishari Bin Rashad Al Afasay.

Read Holy Quran by Surah or Parah
2 – Read translation in English, Urdu and Roman Urdu
3 – Search within whole Quran using English, Urdu or Roman Urdu
4 – You can also listen Arabic & Urdu audio ayat by ayat.
5 – Search By Urdu and English Subjects
6 – Search By Arabic Word
7 – Search By Rootwor


Islam 360 Quran o Hadith Software Free Download

Minimum Operating System Windows XP | Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10
Platform Supported 32bit and 64bit OS

Minimum System Hardware Recommendation
CPU Processor: Pentium 4, Core i3, Dual Core or Core 2 Duo.
RAM Recommended: 2GB for 64bit and 1Gb for 32bit.
Hard Disk Free Space: Minimum 1GB or depend on Size of File and installation.
Graphics 3D Card: 512MB GDDR2 Minimum DirectX12
Other Peripherals Device Mouse and Keyboard.

Islam 360 Download for PC

Setup File Name:
Setup Size Details: 110 MB
Application Version: 1.0
Platform: Windows
License Type: Freeware
Developed By:

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